With production facilities and sales organizations on all five continents, specifically in more than 86 countries at over 220 locations, the Knauf Group is one of the leading manufacturers of building materials and construction systems in Europe and beyond.

Commissioned by the German company, a SGS Industrial Services team has been working on optimizing the infrastructure in Immingham, England since March 2017.

With its state-of-the-art drywall and flooring systems, composite thermal insulation systems, paints, flowing screeds and insulating materials, the Knauf Group of companies has generated annual sales of more than six billion Euros in 2016 alone with a worldwide workforce of some 27,400. One of the company's sites in the northeastern part of England now provides the setting for another challenging contract for Project Manager Gordon Stanley’s assembly team. With a 30-strong team deployed to Immingham by SGS Industrial Services, the restructuring of the production plant in Immingham is being actively pursued in two phases. Gordon Stanley: “The start signal for phase 1 – the construction of a calcining plant – has been given in March of this year. In the process, Construction Manager Didi Thurnher and his team have moved some 380 tons of steel and 230 tons of equipment and piping systems by the end of August.” Phase 2 has started in June and is scheduled to run until September. In this phase, the assembly team will move some 150 tons of steel constructions and conveying systems to reach the so-called tipping point. For Gordon Stanley, this means a real challenge: “The challenge is to work on such a spatially restricted construction site and the correspondingly complex crane planning. Furthermore, we have to meet the extremely strict British regulations regarding health and occupational safety as well as environmental management. All in all, the project has been running well and to the full satisfaction of our client thanks to my team’s long-standing know-how and experience.”


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